Ship From Store – Smart logistics

Ship-from-Store’ sustainable and faster deliveries Smart logistics: from local orders to local deliveries Why should online orders be prepared in a warehouse (abroad) and then delivered to consumers in the city? While

Last mile deliveries in Antwerp

Last mile deliveries in Antwerp Save time, costs and unnecessary travel. Deliver your shipments sustainably! What do big cities and online shopping have in common? Well, due to the growth in purchases

End of year gift delivery

What could be a nicer gesture today then to say “Thank you” CORONAPROOF? Surprise your customers or employees with an end-of-year gift! At the end of the year we would like to thank

Maritime Survey

Maritime Survey by ON TIME   The term maritime survey immediately springs to mind when we think of the inspection of ships, but the inspection of their cargo is also covered by

New address Courtrai

New address Courtrai A year and a half ago we made plans for a new distribution centre with offices in Courtrai. This expansion is an important part of the further expansion

Express transport – ON TIME Sprint

ON TIME Sprint – customised express transport   Do you have an urgent shipment to send? Then you can count on ON TIME’s sprinter service. Within the sprint network you send a

1 year ago we became ON TIME

The becoming of ON TIME – its been 1 year Hip, hip… hurray! Today we celebrate our first birthday. Just one year ago we merged ASX-IBECO and ON TIME Sprinter Service