Local deliveries & local purchases

Support local traders and support the environment

Both the first and second lockdown caused a lot of damage to our economy. In particular, local traders saw their sales drop due to mandatory closures, limited online offerings and no home delivery facilities.

Local deliveries

Traders who want to save time on arranging delivery of their shipments can use our ON TIME services. ON TIME offers a unique city network that provides sustainable solutions to merchants with 3h and 24h deliveries in Antwerp. For these deliveries, bicycle couriers on electric bikes are used together with CNG trucks. By using this service, they have more time for their core business, less traffic jams, less CO² emissions and they provide their customers with a quick delivery.

Local purchases

How can you support our local Antwerp merchants? To support local shopkeepers during the second lockdown, a website was created where customers can shop in a safe, cheap and fast way in their favourite shop.

On eshopantwerpen.be you will find more than 600 Antwerp shops and takeaways. If you are looking for good food, a new outfit, a new toy for your dog, or an electrical shop with its own repair service, then eshopantwerpen.be is the place to be.

Nico Volckeryck of the Neutral Syndicate for the Self-Employed in Antwerp: “Thanks to eshopantwerpen.be, as an Antwerper you can support your favourite shop in a safe, cheap and fast way during this second lockdown. If you walk through the streets now, you will unfortunately see an enormous amount of boxes from large multinationals such as Coolblue, Bol & Amazon standing at the scrap yard. Some of these companies rarely contribute anything to the local economy or job market. Thanks to the site eshopantwerpen.be, we as Antwerp people can make a big difference by buying locally. Because nowhere are you going to get better service than from your local merchant. “

Connection between the two

The City of Antwerp also wants to support its local traders and give them the opportunity to deliver their shipments efficiently and smartly in collaboration with a courier service.

For instance, Antwerp companies can book shipments with ON TIME City at an advantageous rate. This way, local purchases are delivered with local couriers. The use of smart logistics is not only more sustainable but also ensures better traffic flow and thus a more pleasant city.

Contact us for more information about ON TIME City or read more about the advantageous rates at: https://ontimelogistics.be/antwerpen/