Nick Bril presents his new book 33

Our colleague Christophe Dellaert paid a last visit to THE JANE to make sure that the new book by Nick Bril was ready for shipment. We’re proud to have been chosen to distribute ’33’.

The book was sent to 7 different countries, including the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Italy.

Sending mailings is one of our specialties, both for national and international recipients. The best way of doing this is to work with various partners in order to have the right quality of delivery and to get the best price. Making appointments with different parties costs valuable time and your volume investments are reduced. ASX-IBECO offers you the best of two worlds: One partner to arrange everything, and you benefit from our volume discounts.

Arrange your logistics without worries? For that you can count on ASX-IBECO. Nick Bril knows why: to make sure can keep serving culinary delights at The Jane. Discover all the benefits of our courier service here.