Efficient city network

ON TIME City is the city network in Antwerp with sustainable solutions for urban logistics. With bicycles, cargo bikes, scooters and CNG vehicles we organise a 3-hour city network in Antwerp.

With our unique network with 3 pick-up and delivery rounds a day, we pick up your orders quickly and deliver within 3 hours in the Antwerp region. Of course, you can closely monitor the status of your shipment via the customer portal. This is also good for the environment: wherever possible we travel by bicycle or with a CNG vehicle.

24-hour Antwerp: Pick up today and delivery tomorrow? No problem. You can even choose in which of the 5 delivery rounds your shipment will be delivered. This gives you control over the time of delivery.

Choose sustainable alternatives to bring goods to and from the Antwerp city center, save time, costs and unnecessary travel. Discover how our City network can contribute to your ‘last mile’ deliveries.

Through a unique city network in Antwerp, ON TIME City offers 3 pick-up and delivery rounds per day. Bicycle couriers supplemented with CNG powered vehicles deliver your packages in a sustainable way.

Do you have a physical store as well as a web shop? Do you send your shipments with a courier? With ON TIME’s city network, your packages will be picked up and delivered even faster.

Operation 3h city network

Morning Afternoon Evening
9 – 10:45h 11-15:15h 15:30-17:30h
Mainly order retrieval Mainly execution of orders Mainly delivery & collection of orders

We offer ON TIME City services in the following municipalities: Aartselaar, Antwerpen, Berchem, Berendrecht, Beveren-Waas, Borgerhout, Burcht, Deurne, Doel, Edegem, Ekeren, Haasdonk, Hemiksem, Hoboken, Hoevenen, Kallo (Beveren-Waas), Kallo (Kieldrecht), Kapellen, Kieldrecht, Kontich, Lillo, Melsele, Merksem, Schoten, Verrebroek, Vrasene, Waarloos, Wijnegem, Wilrijk, Wommelgem, Zandvliet, Zwijndrecht

Some examples of what you can ship:

Ship’s document to a shipping company

Distributing business gifts

Urgent delivery of new phone or laptop

Express delivery of e-commerce shipments to your customer in Antwerp

Pick up an order from your supplier, e.g. printed matter

Benefits of ON TIME City



Extensive network of bicycles, mopeds, (CNG) cars & vans

Easy shipment tracking with track & trace

Fast 2-hour delivery throughout Antwerp

Perhaps the most sustainable, ecological and mobility-friendly network in Antwerp

Years of experience with large volumes in Antwerp

Send mailing?

Send multiple items? We’re at your service! You can have the goods delivered to us, we pack and take care of efficient shipping & follow-up.  Prepare your own shipments? No problem! We can also supply the labels based on your file, so that you can prepare everything quickly and easily.

Arranging mailings with ON TIME Logistics is efficient, inexpensive, easy and sustainable.

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