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The quay forwarders of ON TIME Logistics carry out your quay assignments with the utmost care. Whether you want a physical check including gas measurement or a delivery on an inland vessel: you can leave it to us.

We settle Customs formalities on location in Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent or elsewhere in Belgium. We represent your interests and report on the spot. You can closely monitor us via our website with track & trace and a photo report of each physical verification. Transparent, fast and efficient.

As reliable quay forwarders, we ensure the correct follow-up of all your quay assignments.

What can you use our quay services for? Here are a few examples:

Presenting customs documents to the relevant authorities

Attending physical verification at GIP Linkeroever Antwerpen

Checking the condition of the empty container according to your checklist: smell, condition of the loading floor, general condition…

Assisting customs verification on a seagoing vessel

Delivering documents on an inland vessel

Having gas measurements carried out for the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FAVV)

Surveys: photo report on the quay when loading or unloading goods

The quay service of ON TIME Logistics offers many advantages:

Variable deployment according to your needs, flexibility

Online booking, transparent, efficient

High quality thanks to our monitoring and screening

Large group of professional quay operators: don’t let your own people wait until it’s your turn to verify

Our quay forwarders work throughout the ports and are therefore quickly on site for urgent assignments

Schedule gas measurement and physical assistance together so that your carrier loses as little time as possible

More information about our quay services

Easy to book online, along with your other assignments. You receive the report immediately without any lost time.

We have a partnership with Atmosafe in Antwerp and SGS in Zeebrugge.

Your cargo is subject to Customs checks? No problem! We follow up the physical verification and make sure that everything goes quickly, transparently and efficiently.

  • Inventory sampling
  • Presentation of documents to Customs / FAVV / other official bodies
  • Resealing of containers
  • Checks on seagoing vessels
  • Checking the condition of food and other containers

Having your customs documents presented and validated at the appropriate Customs office.

A EUR1, ATR, Form A, AGD, transit document, Flegt document, FYTO, export licence, INF 1-7, ATA Carnet, Carnet TIR, Carnet de passage, supervision form… whatever it is, we pick it up and ensure proper handling by the services concerned.

We pay daily visits to the first office (Antwerp, Ghent, Mechelen, Brussels), the border inspection posts (BIPs), FAVV, Moto-teams, quay customs… Leave your documents with us and rest assured that they will be processed quickly and efficiently.

You can use us for a wide range of assignments:

  • Processing Institute for Veterinary Inspection (IVK) documents
  • Acting as an intermediary at veterinarians – transporter – customer
  • Delivering/picking up documents to/on lighters
  • Emptying your mailboxes at Customs (e.g. first office)
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