Apply for a travel visa? Visiting embassies? Legalize documents? Visit the Chamber of Commerce?

These may not be things you do every day. But they are our specialist field! The Visa desk team helps you fill in the right documents, check the applications and then complete all the formalities. We visit the various ministries, chambers of commerce, embassies and consulates each and every day.

That means you can leave the work to specialists while you concentrate on what you do best.

What can the Visa or Legalisation Service do for you? Here are a few examples:

Taking care of a travel visa from A to Z: checking the documents, presenting them and collecting them from the embassies. For group trips, business trips, sports competitions, individual trips…

Legalization of export documents

Collection of import and export licenses from the competent authorities

Notarising official documents such as ID cards, passports, powers of attorney…

Apostilles for documents such as a health certificate

Applying for a work visa: checking the formalities and presenting them to the necessary authorities

What advantages does our Visa and Legalisation Service offer?

You can draw on the knowledge of our specialists for your complex applications

You receive a simple and transparent invoice

You can book everything on ON TIME-online and follow the status of your file

We check your documents so that the application runs smoothly

You save time by not having to queue at the different instances

Bring or pick up documents yourself? No problem: we’ll be happy to arrange this for you as well.

Applying for a travel visa as a tourist or for a business trip?

Sometimes an identity card or an international travel pass will suffice. For other countries, you need to apply for a visa or submit a medical certificate. Our visa service can tell you exactly what you need, how the procedure works and which documents you need to use. We also take care of both the submission of the application and the collection of your travel pass and visa. of ON TIME Logistics ensures that your documents are issued and collected at the embassy of the country of destination. No more taking time off to queue up at the counter. That means you save time and money. The price of our services depends on the formula chosen and the costs charged by the authorities for processing your documents.

Need to have your documents legalised?

Your documents often need to be legalised by the consulate or embassy of the country of destination. Or permits have to be collected from an authority. You can also entrust that to our Visadesk.

We’re pleased to help with all formalities, including document translation and apostilles. That leaves you free to concentrate on your products and customers.

Apply for a visa as a private individual

Apply for a visa as a company


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